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The Rebuilding – a poem by J’Leah Smith

The Rebuilding

by J’Leah Smith

as i looked upon the gray painted walls
all i could see were the cracks
how broken
and fragmented they were
yet each fracture was unified
held by one another
determined to keep fighting

as i entered the garden
what was once an abundance of flowers
was now withering away
even then
that didn’t stop new seeds from being scattered

as the storm awakened
my world trembled
and everything around me collided
my feet stood firm
rooted with the seeds in the ground beneath me
my hands
held by my brothers and sisters
we were broken
yet unified

my heart
ached from what was soon to come
the destruction of everything we had made

but as i looked at the flowers emerging from the ground
how united we were
how much love our home was built upon
and how we all stood firm
in the eye of the storm

it wasn’t the beginning nor the end of the story
but everything in between

it wasn’t the start nor finish
it was the vision
the determination
the hope
the reaching
the failing
the love
the breaking
and the mending

it was the rebuilding

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