What to Expect


A Comfortable Environment
You don’t have to dress up to fit in at The Crossings. Attend once and you will quickly see casual dress and a focus on character over image. It is our hope that each week you will come as you are and leave just a little better. The Crossings Church Collinsville meets on Sundays at 10AM inside the old Petite 4 Cinema directly behind Home Depot at 2002 Mall Street, Collinsville, IL (get directions here).

Friendly people
Church is often an unfriendly place, especially for the newcomer. At The Crossings you will connect with friendly people who are genuinely interested in you. Words like "warm," "friendly," and "caring" accurately describe the people of The Crossings.

A Second Chance
Many of us long for a second chance – a chance for a new start, a chance to do things different this time around. The Crossings is a great place to come to grips with your past as you build a brighter future. Wherever you find yourself in life the people of The Crossings are ready to help you find and take advantage of your second chance.

Relevant Messages
You will hear messages that are true to God’s Word AND applicable to your daily life. At The Crossings our goal is to communicate the words of the eternal, powerful God in a contemporary and life changing manner.

Opportunities for your Entire Family
From the Crossings Kids Children’s Ministry to CrossRoads Youth Ministry to Revolution Campus Ministry your family will have the love and support needed to grow and mature. Our goal is to equip every member of your family, regardless of age, with the tools necessary to live a fulfilling and exciting life.

Authentic Relationships
The Crossings Church isn’t about filling a seat on Sunday – it's about relationship with God and one another. We’re thankful for the wonderful relationships that God has blessed us with so far and are excited about the ones he has planned for us in the future. Authentic, caring relationships aren’t easy to find nowadays, but they are if we're being the people God wants us to be. At The Crossings, that's who we strive to be.

Deep Convictions
We sincerely believe that God knows best. Because of this conviction we are serious about obeying God and hold certain truths to be non-negotiable. While we understand that some matters are up for dispute, others are are not. The "What We Believe" page outlines the biblical convictions we hold most firmly to.

Deep Convictions - What We Believe -->


The Crossings Church Collinsville

Where the Problems of Life Meet the Power of God.

More than a slogan.

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