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2002 Mall Street
Collinsville, IL

Classes available on Sunday mornings at 10AM for children 5th grade and under.

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2002 Mall Street
Collinsville, IL.

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Online recordings of the latest preaching & teaching from The Crossings Church Collinsville.

What to Expect When You Visit

Here's what you can expect when you show up at The Crossings.

Get Help with Life Issues

The Crossings offers support groups that help with various life issues. Get help with addiction, grief, abuse, anger, and more.

We Love Kids & Teens

Children & Teens have a blast at The Crossings! Learn more here.

We Love College Students

Revolution Campus Ministry is our highly active campus ministry serving students at SIUe, Lewis & Clark, and surrounding college communities.

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movie theater church collinsville il

Reel Truth Cinema 2023

August 26, 2023

The Crossings Church Collinsville is pleased to present Reel Truth Cinema 2023!To get the latest information about this year’s lineup and showtimes, please visit https://crossingscollinsville.com/reeltruth/ We hope to see you at the movies and at church! Showtimes and details available at https://crossingscollinsville.com/reeltruth/ Share via: Facebook Twitter Email Copy Link More

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christy collinsville il church

How Can Grief be a Blessing?

April 12, 2023

by Christy Whitaker God did not create a broken world. He made a perfect world. It was people who decided to do things their own way and broke it. Because of that brokenness, grief is inevitable. There is no way to leave this world unscathed from it. All of us will lose people we love,…

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max miller the crossings church collinsville il

Member Testimony: No Shadow You Won’t Light Up

March 30, 2023

by Max Miller The first time I heard the music at the Crossings Church, we were meeting at a small warehouse in Wentzville, MO. I didn’t know why I was there and, frankly, I wasn’t sure I liked it very much at all. Now, I’ve been leading worship, one way or another, for around eleven…

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Come to Church This Sunday at 10AM.
2002 Mall Street
Collinsville, IL

Thank you for visiting the home on the web for The Crossings Church Collinsville. The Crossings is a diverse, non-denominational church in Collinsville, IL.

Local Christian Church | Collinsville, Maryville, Caseyville, Pontoon Beach.

The Crossings Church Collinsville is a church that believes the best life possible is wrapped up in a relationship with Jesus and God's people. We believe that God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us the way we are. At The Crossings we seek to be a community of people who live life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is the Son of God, and we believe the Bible is a historically valid account of His life and teachings backed by evidence inside the Bible and outside the Bible. If you're curious or you'd like to learn more, we'd love to see you this Sunday at 10AM at 2002 Mall Street in Collinsville. You're welcomed to come a few minutes early if you'd like to grab a cup of coffee and get settled. We'll see you this Sunday!

Movie Theater Church

The Crossings Church Collinsville meets in the old Petite 4 movie theater. Some people around the Metro East refer to us as the "Movie Theater Church" because of that. A lot of people have awesome memories watching movies in our old building. Occasionally we host free movie nights for the community and those are always a lot of fun. We also host annual Halloween events, block parties, and more on our property at 2002 Mall Street. Our church building is located directly behind Home Depot in Collinsville. If you've ever driven by our building and been curious, we'd love for you to join us this weekend. We also have weekly events for teens and college students.


Latest Sermons

One Day Changes Everything Easter 2024

One Day Changes Everything – 03/31/24

Lesson presented at The Crossings Church Collinsville in Collinsville, IL – a non-denominational church that meets Sunday mornings at 2002 Mall Street, Collinsville, IL just outside of St. Louis. For more like this, visit the sermons page at https://crossingscollinsville.com/ read more…

non denominational church collinsville il

Responding Correctly to Christ’s Call – 03/24/24

Lesson presented at The Crossings Church Collinsville in Collinsville, IL – a non-denominational church that meets Sunday mornings at 2002 Mall Street, Collinsville, IL just outside of St. Louis. For more like this, visit the sermons page at https://crossingscollinsville.com/ read more…

non denominational church collinsville il

Remembering How to Survive the Storms of Life – 03/17/24

Lesson presented at The Crossings Church Collinsville in Collinsville, IL – a non-denominational church that meets Sunday mornings at 2002 Mall Street, Collinsville, IL just outside of St. Louis. For more like this, visit the sermons page at https://crossingscollinsville.com/ read more…

Church for SIUe Students, Collinsville High School, Collinsville Middle School

The Crossings Church Collinsville was planted in 2017 to be a church home for people in Collinsville, Belleville, O'Fallon, Maryville, Edwardsville, Granite City and surrounding areas.

We offer ministries for every stage of life including special Sunday classes and events for Children, Teens, College Students and Adults.

Our church is very active! The Crossings Church Collinsville always has something fun going on, be it special trips, summer camps in the summertime, parties and community events throughout the year, or regular weekly get-togethers and fun events for youth and children our calendar stays full because our people love being together.

To stay up-to-date on the latest happenings with The Crossings Church Collinsville or to see photos from our past events, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and we'll keep you in the loop!

marriage retreats in Illinois

Marriage Retreats in Illinois

The Crossings Church Collinsville is a church plant connected to several partner churches in the Greater St Louis area. We partner with them for several events including our annual marriage retreat. We hold our marriage retreat annually in February. Get further information The Crossings Church marriage retreats at crossingscollinsville.com/marriage.

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Contemporary Worship & Practical Bible Lessons

At The Crossings we do our best to make worship services comfortable for those attending, but also as challenging as God's word happens to be. When we look into the Bible, some of the demands God makes of us are not always comfortable. We believe when God calls us to do something uncomfortable it's always for our good. It's also possible to deal with some tough stuff in life when you have friends around you who care. The Crossings Sunday morning church experience is a great way to get closer to God, but it's also where you can meet people who will want to get to know you and help you connect with God.

collinsville church plant service doubletree

Worship services at The Crossings are pretty laid back. There's no need to wear a tie or feel a need to dress up. We understand visiting a church can be uncomfortable - especially the first time - and we hope to make your experience as welcoming and "at home" feeling as possible. Come on in and enjoy a cup a coffee or tea. Grab a snack if you're feeling a little hungry. Children 5th grade and under are invite to attend kid's classes (that they will enjoy much more than hanging out with the adults). Sixth graders up are invited to attend the big assembly on Sunday.

Nondenominational Church With a Great Children's Ministry

If you're a parent of a child attending for the first time on a Sunday, you might want to arrive a little bit early to get your child registered and acclimated to the class.

Sunday Morning Church Services

We would love for you to join us for church this Sunday morning! We're currently meeting for church at 10am every Sunday inside the old Petite 4 Cinema in Collinsville at 2002 Mall Street, Collinsville, IL (get directions here).

On Sunday mornings we'd like you and your family to be comfortable. You don't have to worry about dressing up in your "Sunday best" clothing to come to church - simply come as you are wearing whatever you're comfortable in. Hot coffee and tea will be available in the back, and you can expect to encounter lots of friendly people!

During church service we sing contemporary worship songs together led by a praise team. Worship at The Crossings can be described as energetic and lively! We also have a Bible lesson presented each week in a relevant way and focused on everyday life application.

Our motto at The Crossings is "Where the Problems of Life Meet the Power of God" because we believe God provides all the answers to any problems we may face in life, and our approach to Bible teaching reflects that belief.

Everyone is welcomed!

More information is available on this website for those interested in attending one of our Collinsville, IL church services including What to Expect and What We Believe. If you have a question about something specific, please contact us and we will help you as best we can.

Help for Life's Hurts through Biblically-Informed Support Groups

The motto for The Crossings Church Collinsville is "Where the Problems of Life Meet the Power of God." When you are with members from The Crossings, you are with people who have been through a lot in life.

Our church members have a reputation for being open about their issues because we strive to create an environment of transparency and openness in our church.

The Crossings Church Collinsville offers peer-to-peer support groups

  • Healing is a Choice class for individuals interested in learning how to apply biblical wisdom to hurts from their past.
  • Wounded Heart - a class for individuals seeking to heal from trauma stemming from childhood sexual abuse.

If we can help you with an issue related to one of these classes, please contact us at help@crossingscollinsville.com and we will connect you with a group leader who can advise you on the best next steps.

Classes operate according to a schedule. Group leaders will have the latest information of the next offering for their class, and they will be able to explain to you how the classes operate.

The Crossings Church Collinsville at 2002 Mall Street, Collinsville, IL

The Crossings Church Collinsville on Google

Nondenominational Bible Study Near Me

Are you just investigating the Christian faith? Do you have questions about the Bible, or perhaps trouble believing the information provided by the Bible can be trusted? Do you have questions about God and Jesus you'd like to find answers to? If you can answer 'yes' to any of those questions, The Crossings is a great church for you to check out!

Many of our church members - including our preacher - were skeptics or even hostile towards faith at one time or another in life.

A wise man once said, "Truth, if it is really truth, is never afraid of questions. Because truth, if it is really truth, can stand up to the hardest ones." We believe that is 100% correct at The Crossings, and operate from the stance that questions are never a bad thing.

We believe God gave us mind so that we would use it, and if you have questions we welcome them, would love to connect with you, and would love to share some of what we believe are answers with you.

Feel free to contact us as inquire about having a Bible study. You may also be interested in checking out our church blog.

non denominational churches near me

The Crossings Church Collinsville is a Nondenominational Church with facilities located directly behind Home Depot and next door to Walmart. Our local church members live in Collinsville, Maryville, Troy, Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Granite City, Pontoon Beach, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Caseyville and the surrounding areas in Illinois.

The Crossings Church Collinsville

Where the Problems of Life Meet the Power of God.

More than a slogan.

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