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Covid-19 Accommodations at The Crossings

Several people have contacted us asking about any changes to our assemblies or precautions we have taken regarding Covid-19.

At The Crossings we keep our facilities clean and sanitized. Additionally, the majority of our congregation is on the younger side of life – think 20s and 30s.

We do want everyone to be comfortable attending The Crossings, so we use a sticker system to identify the level of contact desired.

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A large percentage of our church members have been vaccinated (schedule your free Covid vaccination here). Masks are optional – some will be wearing them and many will not. There is a section of our auditorium that is roped off and reserved for social distancing where masks are required. If you are high risk or simply more comfortable social distancing, you are welcomed to be seated in that section.

For those still uncomfortable with the idea of attending in-person assemblies, we do stream our services online every week on Facebook at Collinsville Online Church. We also post all our sermons online if you’d like to check those out.

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